Sunday, April 22, 2012


I enjoyed viewing and getting to explore both Zoho and Google Docs. I went to the Zoho site first. I liked how it was set up like Microsoft word when I created my online quizzes. Zoho allowed for me to be creative with the quizzes I made. The entire time I couldn't help but to think how I could use tho tool when I become a professional. It was simple to navigate through and did not take up much time. Also, it didn't hurt that I had fun doing it. Next I visited Google Docs. I really liked how you could create more than just a word document. They had tables, graphs, spreadsheets, drawings and more. This would be a fun website to use in or outside the class room. Especially if there are students who may not have Microsoft Word at home. They can simply visit one of the two sites and be able to construct something similar. 

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