Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Thing #1

As I was going through the lifelong learning habits tutorial, I evaluated myself on whether or not I have such learning habits. I found the easiest for me were habits one and six. I like to set goals for myself so I have something to work towards, and I using technology is too intriguing not to take advantage of every opportunity it is present. Some learning habits I struggle with are habits three and four. For habit three, viewing problems as challenges, I especially struggle with because I get easily frustrated and I sometimes allow a problem to "defeat" me. Habit four is difficult for me at times because I second-guess myself and I lack the confidence needed to become an effective learner. By utilizing Web 2.0, I hope to effectively learn how to access new and emerging ideals from the web for educators. I have never created a blog of my own, so setting up one slightly worried me. However, as I began to read on how to set it up, I became intrigued and anxious to create it. The process was easy due to the directions given. My favorite part about creating this blog was being able to personalize it with something such as a background.