Monday, April 23, 2012

Saying Goodbye to 23 Things

Overall, my experience with 23 Things was a good one. I have learned so much from it. Not only did I absorb new knowledge, I maintained that knowledge and it will be helpful to me in my future career. I can definitely see myself coming back to my blog and the 23 things site to use for helping me remember the new told I discovered along the way.

Thing #23

I will use Creative Commons in the future as a teacher. Fist, since my focus is going towards 5th grade science, I want to teach them the importance of creative commons. By using this tool I can better help my students know the true meaning of copyright and how they should turn away from it if at all possible. 

Thing #22

The Titles of my binders are, Education Lifestyle at APSU, Elementary Science Activities, and Social Media for the Classroom. 
My Binder
I could use live binders in a classroom all of the time. Whether it be for my own personal organization or a collaboration of activities and lessons for my students. This website and tool allows for teachers to be more collective and organized with their technology resources for the classroom.

Thing #19

I am a member of TeacherPop, Facebook and Twitter. Any social network is appealing to me. I love exploring the web and being social. I loved how TeacherPop was set up just like Facebook. I felt like it was a safer environment than Facebook too, which is a great thing to participate in when it comes to my future career as an educator. Always strive to set good examples. 

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Thing #21

Try our slideshow maker at Animoto.

I enjoyed this site the most! Although it is a short clip, I decided to do my video on My AP Pom experience thus far. This would be a useful tool for the classroom if you wanted to keep parents updated through a blog. They would enjoy seeing what their kids are doing in the classroom and it's enjoyable to watch.

Thing #20

I love YouTube! I constantly go to that site to view humorous things, entertaining things, educational things, and much more. I like that it has usually has exactly what I am searching for. I dislike that there are so many options that are not at all what I wanted. I can see how this would be useful is applied to my library site because I could share inspirational things, or new ideas of how to teach lessons to my fellow coworkers. 

I selected this video because I thought it was a cute way to express classroom etiquette to the children. 

Thing #18

 It is extremely important that educators know how to social network. Our society is continuously striving towards new technology and the ability to connect through Web 2.0. This is also making it easier for educators to gather new ideas and integrate classrooms worldwide. I have had a Facebook and Twitter for awhile now, and everyday I learn about a new "page" or person to follow. There are so many people (world wide) using such sites. Having the ability to connect with someone millions of miles away in just one click of a mouse is fascinating to me. There is no really anything I dislike about either site. I am on both every day. Facebook has the most useful features, but if twitter had more I feel that it just wouldn't be the twitter everyone loves. I can definitely see a classroom/school application for both sites. In fact, my old high school has both a Facebook and Twitter account to use for school news, athletic events, communication between parents and staff and just an overall easy tool for interacting with community and school. 

Kara Twitter

Thing #17

This Thing was not my favorite. However, it did look to be useful in the world of education and teaching. Usually when I am wanting to save a favorite site of mine I will put it under my bookmarks or email the website to myself. On this site, all you have to do is "tag" it and it is much more convenient and organized. I can see this tool being used in the class room without a doubt. It is an easy way to find and pull up a clean website for educational information. Teachers can take advantage of social bookmarking by showing others their ideas on a certain lesson or information on how to make the classroom experience a better atmosphere for learning. It is an easy way to collaborate with fellow coworkers. 

Thing #16

 For my start page I chose iGoogle. I love google in general, and I was already comfortable with using it. I more than likely will not make it my permanent homepage right now, but in the future probably so. Online calendars can be very useful to me because I am continuously busy. I never keep up with actually planners and I forget to use my phone calendar. Online calendars can help me be more organized and able to pull up schedules and time conflicts more rapidly/conveniently. Since I seem to stay on my computer 24/7, I can see myself using it all of the time. The to-do list I can see being a tad bit tedious, but since I stay on my computer most of the time it would be helpful for me. I can see myself using the stickies for sure in the classroom, but at home as well to help remind myself of smaller tasks. I would recommend the online calendar and the stickies to others. 

Thing #15

Using a wiki can be fun, entertaining, educational, but sometimes dangerous all at the same time. I found it interesting that as I scrolled down to view other post, my scroll seemed to go on and on and on. It was neat to see how many people had added posts or edited something. I posted my thing #7 in the APSU 23 things Sandbox wiki because it involved gathering an image from flicker, and I love photography. Honestly, I am still unsure if I actually did it right. The dangerous part about a wiki is that if you are wanting to gather information, there is a possibility of it being incorrect. The people's ability to change any and all thoughts, I do not trust it.


For my flowchart I chose Gliffy. I found Gliffy to be extremely interesting and fun. I like the floor plan tab because I enjoy using my creativity and I could see myself "decorating" for hours. I could use this tool to help with "creating my classroom" if we were allowed to use outside sources. This website would be of great use in my classroom if I plan to teach 5th grade Science. There are numerous flow charts used in Science when explaining processes and cycles. This would be a useful and simple tool to have the students use for a project or assignment.

For the mind map I chose to use At first I was unsure of how to use this site. Then after I typed in my first word, I saw how to use it. This tool would also be useful in my future classroom. The difference in this tool and the first is that with this one I could use it in more of a way to show groupings, terminology, or chronological order of events.


I enjoyed viewing and getting to explore both Zoho and Google Docs. I went to the Zoho site first. I liked how it was set up like Microsoft word when I created my online quizzes. Zoho allowed for me to be creative with the quizzes I made. The entire time I couldn't help but to think how I could use tho tool when I become a professional. It was simple to navigate through and did not take up much time. Also, it didn't hurt that I had fun doing it. Next I visited Google Docs. I really liked how you could create more than just a word document. They had tables, graphs, spreadsheets, drawings and more. This would be a fun website to use in or outside the class room. Especially if there are students who may not have Microsoft Word at home. They can simply visit one of the two sites and be able to construct something similar.