Sunday, April 22, 2012

Thing #18

 It is extremely important that educators know how to social network. Our society is continuously striving towards new technology and the ability to connect through Web 2.0. This is also making it easier for educators to gather new ideas and integrate classrooms worldwide. I have had a Facebook and Twitter for awhile now, and everyday I learn about a new "page" or person to follow. There are so many people (world wide) using such sites. Having the ability to connect with someone millions of miles away in just one click of a mouse is fascinating to me. There is no really anything I dislike about either site. I am on both every day. Facebook has the most useful features, but if twitter had more I feel that it just wouldn't be the twitter everyone loves. I can definitely see a classroom/school application for both sites. In fact, my old high school has both a Facebook and Twitter account to use for school news, athletic events, communication between parents and staff and just an overall easy tool for interacting with community and school. 

Kara Twitter

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