Sunday, April 22, 2012

Thing #16

 For my start page I chose iGoogle. I love google in general, and I was already comfortable with using it. I more than likely will not make it my permanent homepage right now, but in the future probably so. Online calendars can be very useful to me because I am continuously busy. I never keep up with actually planners and I forget to use my phone calendar. Online calendars can help me be more organized and able to pull up schedules and time conflicts more rapidly/conveniently. Since I seem to stay on my computer 24/7, I can see myself using it all of the time. The to-do list I can see being a tad bit tedious, but since I stay on my computer most of the time it would be helpful for me. I can see myself using the stickies for sure in the classroom, but at home as well to help remind myself of smaller tasks. I would recommend the online calendar and the stickies to others. 

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