Sunday, April 22, 2012


For my flowchart I chose Gliffy. I found Gliffy to be extremely interesting and fun. I like the floor plan tab because I enjoy using my creativity and I could see myself "decorating" for hours. I could use this tool to help with "creating my classroom" if we were allowed to use outside sources. This website would be of great use in my classroom if I plan to teach 5th grade Science. There are numerous flow charts used in Science when explaining processes and cycles. This would be a useful and simple tool to have the students use for a project or assignment.

For the mind map I chose to use At first I was unsure of how to use this site. Then after I typed in my first word, I saw how to use it. This tool would also be useful in my future classroom. The difference in this tool and the first is that with this one I could use it in more of a way to show groupings, terminology, or chronological order of events.

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