Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Thing #12

I enjoyed creating and exploring the Picasa Web and Google Translate web pages. Picasa Web reminded me of Flickr in the sense that it dealt with photos. I have used Google for quite sometime now and have never known about that nifty tool. I now have a place to upload and save some of my photos without worry of possibly losing them. Google translate was my favorite of the two. I have two close friends who live in France and Finland. They visit m every summer, but their english seems to worsen the longer we are apart from one another. This special tool can help me communicate with them in their native language. I'm sure it will be entertaining for them to read it as well. These tools can both be used inside a classroom. Picasa Web can allow teachers to upload photos of their class so that the parents and outside world can see what the children are learning. Google Translate can possibly be used for language classes. Also, if a class has a "sister" classroom from a different country, this tool might be a neat way to communicate with them to show interest in other cultures.

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