Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Thing #7

by Illias Polities

While on Flickr, I found numerous photographs that appealed to me. It wasn't very hard to do so because I love taking pictures, buying them for my apartment, and posting them on Facebook or twitter. the first word I searched to look for photos was 'ballet'. I have been a dancer for 11 years now so anything to do with dance will always appeal to me. The results were beautiful. I then typed in 'Greece' because it is my ideal vacation spot. I want so badly to travel the world, and Greece would be my first option. The photograph above was taken from an apartment balcony that overlooked Greece. I can visualize myself sitting in that blue chair, sipping on tea, and beginning a day of new experiences. Flickr has proven to me to be a very useful resource for finding numerous images for whatever the occasion. It is very simple to use and allows for an entertaining time. 

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