Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Thing #4

Commenting can help create a sense of community and interaction by allowing others to take part in a discussion. A community is based upon several people not just a single person. By opening others to discuss a topic at hand, one is indeed forming a community. Interaction amongst peers is essential in expanding the knowledge of others. Two points about commenting that I found important were to criticize kindly and write meaningful comments. These appealed to me because numerous times I have encountered comments that agree with what the author is saying, however they do not let him/her know how their post affected that particular person. The more feedback the better! Also, criticism is always needed but rather a constructive manner than a destructive one. The seven blogs I have chosen to read are Hannah Stone’s “Hannah Stone’s 23 Things”, Abbey Thompson’s “Abbey Thompson”, Chelsea Ninness’ “Chelsea Ninness’ Blog”, Jodi Farmer’s, “23 Things for Teachers”, and Stefanie Tate’s “Stefanie Tate’s 23 Things”. I chose to follow each of the five blogs at random. Each of their Thing #1 posts allowed me to learn about them and even relate to some. Another blog I have selected to follow are “Fashionista” because I like to keep up with what is in style, and there is also a fabulous article on nail art that caught my attention. I also am following “the Inspired room” blog because it has a lot of DIY (do it yourself) crafting ideas. 

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